Professionals: Call to Action

The success of the Cohesive Fire Strategy in the Southeast depends on the continued engagement and support of stakeholders in the wildland fire management community as well as other stakeholders. This includes individuals and groups that may not consider themselves stakeholders in wildland fire management but can contribute greatly to the successful implementation of the Strategy.

It will no doubt take extraordinary collaboration, but that is the primary intent behind the Cohesive Fire Strategy in the first place- "All Hands, All Lands". The SE Regional Action Plan outlines specific tasks your organization can or currently undertakes to support the Cohesive Fire Strategy. By reporting accomplished tasks to the Regional Strategy Coordinator or through the Action Plan Tracking Tool, the SE Region can demonstrate its work in a national effort to address wildland fire challenges. Click on one of the following five southeastern Values to explore how your organization already supports the Cohesive Fire Strategy and to learn specific ways to integrate and implement the Strategy.



Click on a Value below to see what Actions you can take.



SE Regional Action Plan
A plan specific to the wildland fire beliefs, needs, and values of the Southeast designed to achieve goals.

The Cohesive Fire Strategy developed 3 national goals: creating and maintaining resilient landscapes, increasing the number of fire adapted communities, and increasing capability and safe and effective response to wildfires. These goals helped develop regional action plans for the three national regions.

Five key values of importance were identified by scientific analysis in the Southeast: Firefighter and Public Safety, Marketable Products, Ecological Services, Cultural Values, and Property Protection. These values guided development of the SE Regional Action Plan.

Broad activities designed to implement the three national goals and five southeastern Values are called Actions. They are initiated in multiple ways, with identified desirable outcomes.

A specific and detailed activity designed to carry out an Action. Tasks have desired timeframes, identified collaborators, and occur in a specific geographical area. Tasks are utilized by land managers, fire managers, and other stakeholders to coordinate activities to implement the SE Regional Action Plan.